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Unreal Engine 4 Technical Artist

Ever wonder what it would feel like to be the lead character of an 80's tech-noir movie?

We at Quarantine Studios want to give you that feeling by having you step into the shoes of
Declan Raimond, a hardworking American in the totalitarian city of North Haven — controlled by the
megacorporation Cortex. This game will be the first of its kind of a deep action-packed
tech-noir story in VR.

We want the player to experience a story that is deeply intertwined with the gameplay. The
game carries the player through missions saving the world — fighting, hacking and
discovering the truth behind the facades of the city of North Haven.

Deceptive Reality trailer:


If this sounds like a game that you would also love to work on then we have great news for
you. We are looking to hire a Technical Artist who knows his ways around
Unreal Engine to join our team.

Quarantine Studios is a Virtual Reality (VR) gaming startup based in Helsinki, Finland,
developing VR titles that bring forth the possibilities of a new era in gaming; keeping players
on the edge of their seats as they embark on a unique and movie-like experience in VR with
immersive and deep storylines that intertwine with the gameplay.

As a Technical Artist, you will work closely with our team to enrich these
experiences. You’ll be part of designing and building levels, writing scripts and tools to help
automate boring or repetitive tasks and developing new and existing features to the game.

You’ll have the responsibility of creating procedural tools and workflows using blueprints.
You will work in engine, tweaking, scripting, and creating new workflows and help in
defining what tools you need to do so.

You’ll be part of working on the first release of Deceptive Reality, which will be coming first
to the Meta Quest 2.


What we look for
● A thorough understanding of Unreal Engine 4
● Excellent Unreal blueprint programming skills.
● You have a good understanding of how to build new tools in Unreal Engine.
● You are able to script new workflows with the help of blueprints.
● Write robust, maintainable code / easy to understand blueprint scripts.
● Working knowledge of versioning software i.e. Git (preferred).
● Strong problem solving ability & self-motivated with an ability to take initiative.
● High attention to detail.
● Excellent communication skills in English, written and verbal. Bonus: Finnish &

● Experience with using C++.
● Experience with Python.
● 3D modelling experience in Blender or equivalent.
● Experience with VR game development.
● Good all-around knowledge of computer game technology.
● A passion for games.

What we offer
● Awesome work culture in a small team with passionate co-workers.
● Varied and interesting work assignments.
● Flexible working hours.

● Access to the state of the art VR hardware
● Unique experience of being part of developing a first of its kind, a deep action-packed
tech-noir story in VR.

This is a paid position, working remote. All applicants who have relevant experience
(including students / new-graduates) are encouraged to apply!

How to apply
If you would like to apply for the open position, please send your application, relevant links
(e.g., portfolio, github, website) and CV by XXXXX, XXXX XX, 2022 latest to

Contact information for questions
If you want to know more about us, the company or the open position, just shoot any question
Per Simberg
Marketing Manager
or dm me on Discord @per#9810
YouTube: Deceptive Reality
Discord: Discord

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